Anabol 5mg


Trade Name:  Anabol
Substance: Methandienone/Methandrostenolone
Content: 5mg x 100 tablets
Manufacturer: British Dispensary

Order Anabol 5mg steroid Online

Order Anabol 5mg steroid Online

Name: Dianabol / Anabol / Methandrostenolone
Manufacturer: Gentech Laboratories
Contains: Methandrostenolone / Dianabol 10mg x 100 Tablets

Order Anabol 5mg steroid Online is considere by many as the Grand daddy of steroids that was release in 1960. These little bad boys have built many a monstrous bodybuilder. The original dianabol was discontinued in 1982 however it lives on today in its generic form.

Dianabol – Side Effects

As Dianabol is c-17 alkylated it is heavy on the liver so liv52 or milk thistle are essential to kill toxins and for help with the liver regeneration process. Due to high oestrogen conversion water retention is common and gyno can affect many users so oestrogen blockers are a must.

Another thing to monitor is high blood pressure which can also lead to possible nose bleeds and headaches but this is very rare. Acne and hair loss is common in high doses, even kidney pains have been reported with use of some black market products.

Dianabol – Dosage/Stacking/Results

Dianabol is highly anabolic dramatically improving strength, muscle mass and your appetite. In doses under 50mg per day it also improves your mood and general well being although doses over 50mg can have the opposite effect which in some people brings on some bad tempered moods. 10mg dianabol cycle is Anabolic and anti-catabolic as it inhibits the production of cortisol to a marked extent.

Dianabol steroids for sale produces good strong muscle gains quickly and stacks well with everything apart from oxymetholone (Anadrol). Common doses are around 20-50mg a day making it a very cost effective mass builder.

Dianabol is excellent for kick starting any bulking stack, a simple bulking stack would be Deca. And a long acting testosterone such as Testosterone Enanthate and of course Dianabol. It is best use in the first 4 weeks of the cycle. By the time you come to the end of your initial weeks of Dianabol use. The long acting Testosterone Enanthate will have built up in your bloods. And will take care of growth from here on. It can also be use in a bulk then lean type course. Which gives the rapid build of strength and size in the first few weeks then you switch to fat loss drugs and cutting steroids to tighten and harden the physique.


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