Intermediate Bulk Stack


Buy Intermediate Bulk Stack online

Buy Intermediate Bulk Stack online

1 x Gentech Deca 300 10ml Vial

1 x Gentech Test Enanthate 300 10ml Vial

1 x Gentech Dianabol 10mg x 100 Tablets

1 x Clomid 50mg x 50 Tablets

1 x Nolvadex 20mg x 50 Tablets

Secondly, Some may say you need to add other steroids or you need to take bigger doses, do yourself a favour and do not listen to them.

Trust not bob down the local gym trying to make a quick buck!!

Thirdly, When taking steroids you need to listen to your body, you need to understand how your body responds to certain drugs.

If you flood your bloods with 2 or 3 different steroids straight away how the hell in this world can you honestly understand how you responded…

You cannot period.

Also, Do the educated thing, begin with a single steroid at a safe but effective dose and document your progress weekly.

The next course you do add another steroid,

you will already have experience from doing this stack and you will know how your body responds to it;

so when you add another steroid you will learn what the new steroid is doing and how you respond to it.

This is the best approach to understanding your body when taking steroids.

Futher more, Dianabol tablets are 10mg per tab, take them in divided doses for example;

Breakfast 8am                      – Dianabol 10mg – 1 tablet

Lunchtime 1pm                     – Dianabol 10mg  – 1 tablet

1 hour before training 5-6pm – Dianabol 10mg  – 1 tablet

In Additions, Dianabol is shown in the table below as 4 weeks being 28 days but in fact you have enough for 33 days.

Always take them with food and make sure you eat enough good quality food for maximum results.

Buy Intermediate Bulk Stack online

Firstly, With the Intermediate Bulk Stack try 1 tablet per day and begin approximately 21 days in to the cycle;

this should keep any estrogen side effects away and aid recovery and help keep your hard earned gains.

If at any point you feel sensitive or puffy around their nipple area increase dose to 2 tabs per day in divided doses.

Secondly, Intermediate Bulk Stack usually best taken in the evening as testosterone levels are higher in the morning

and estrogen levels rise in the evening.

Thirdly, Continue Intermediate Bulk Stack for 14 days after your last Dianabol tablet to ensure a good recovery.

You will see physical results in the mirror with in 21 days. Train Hard.


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